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Poster 2014

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Dear Community,

The 8th Annual Slabtown Community Festival is scheduled for Saturday, September 20th and the main historic theme this year is the Slabtown Streetcars in addition to celebrating St. Patrick’s Church 125th and Tavern and Pools’ 30th, library system’s 150th anniversaries.  With only one meetings left and we really are focusing on asking for more day of the event volunteers and asking participants gearing up to make our 11am parade the best ever!  Children can arrive at the playground area near Chapman school and make a hat starting at 10:30 am-parade heads out with a marching band and takes a round about route to the festival to entice the community to join the celebration and fun times.   The final pre-festival meeting is this Thursday at 3pm at McMenamins Tavern & Pool (1716 NW 23rd Ave.).

If you’re unable to attend meetings, please mark your calendar for September 20th, and we’ll see you at the NW Portland Library parking lot for the 2014 festival.


Mike Ryerson (Festival Coordinator)  cell # 971-202-6269

2014 – 8th Annual Slabtown Community Festival Planning Committee Meetings.
All meets are at 3:00 p.m. Thursdays, McMenamins Tavern & Pool.

  • September 18. Final Planning Meeting
  • September 19. Festival Setup.
  • September 20. Slabtown Community Festival.

Mike Ryerson 

Slabtown June Updates

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Slabtown Community Festival Planning Meeting

McMenamins Tavern & Pool – Thursdays


Today is Juneteenth so I have included an image from Guild’s Lake Courts Junior Patrol. In the 1940s these integrated patrol was an active volunteer group in Slabtown. Image courtesy City of Portland Archives.



Dorothea Lang 1939/ Library of Congress Image

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Dorothea Lang 1939/ Library of Congress Image

“Woodpiles along the street are a characteristic of Portland, Oregon. Costs five dollars and fifty cents per cord, and must be hauled thirty-five miles. (Shows homeowner on porch.) Portland, Oregon. Lange, Dorothea, photographer. CREATED/PUBLISHED
1939 Aug.” I am hoping these are homes in Slabtown-Tanya.

Photos From Slabtown 2012

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Mike Ryerson, Holly Hagerman and Julie Benevento Ball.

Glenn Gholston, Norm Gholston and Brian Bressler (photo credit Mike Ryerson)
Brooklyn, Jennifer Heckman, Berkeley (Courtesy TLM)

We all had a wonderful time at this year’s Slabtown Festival.   The weather was certainly the best ever for this event.  Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors and community members who made this year’s festival a fabulous event.

Julie Benevento Ball (TLM)

History Team members Tim Hills and Norman Gholston rushed and the displays up and ready for viewing. There were two new exhibits this year. Bike lovers should be thrilled. (Courtesy TLM)

Fans young and old enjoyed the first puppet show.       (Courtesy TLM)

Slabtown Community Festival Poster 2012


Archive of Slabtown Festival 2011

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Link to poster, clipping and video from 2011

 Archive of Slabtown Festival 2011

2011 Parade photo credit: Mike Ryerson

2011 Slabtown Stage Setting Up photo credit: Tanya March

Older Entries


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